HANOI In The River Of Life

Exploring themes of life and death, this 3D documentary "Hanoi in the river of life" immerses itself in the world of an Asian metropolis.In three portraits each observing very special people in their everyday lives. A Christian, who is motivated by faith, searches out the daily count of discarded, aborted babies to give them a fitting place of rest. An activist from France, who devotes his time to children in a Buddhist orphanage to help them experience something normal. A dictatorial market supervisor who tells of her experiences as a volunteer undertaker for AIDS casualties. 30 minutes from the middle of life - but outside the mainstream.


Documentary, VN, 2015


Direction: Menno Döring

Production: Constance Nünke

3D-Research Project Leader: Carola Sultan Bauermeister

Duration: 30 Min


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