BEYOND opens new doors. With the annual transition between festival and symposium it forms an innovative event of one of the most important german forums for the presentation and discussion of 3D-technologies. The City of Karlsruhe sees a huge potential in the act of strengthening the relation between art, science and technology and has with the center for arts and media technology (ZKM) and premium scientific and artistic universities, such as the Karlsruhe University for Arts and Design (HfG), at command outstanding requirements. With the cultural concept 2025, our city has committed to fund appropriate interfaces. In this respect, the cultural office as well supports the 3D-film Festival BEYOND that will take place from October 14 to October 18, 2015 and is managed and led by Prof. Ludger Pfanz of the ZKM and HfG in cooperation with the Cinema Schauburg. The Festival will present current productions and trends in the field of 3D-films and it will moreover demonstrate especially new narrative forms and changes in design and media behavior. I am also pleased with the new partnership with China, that will be documented in a “Silk Road Day” with a program that concentrates on Chinese 3D-productions and the additional awarding, namely the “BEYOND Silk Road Awards” that will be given at the award ceremony. My wish for the 3D-Festival BEYOND 2015 is success and a proceeding journey full of excitement into a “future that has already begun”!


Dr. Susanne Asche 

Head of Cultural Office
City of Karlsruhe


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