Submission Deadline

In order to give more creative minds the chance to register their very own 3D-films for this year's BEYOND-Festival, we announce that from now on everyone has the possibility to submit his or her film until 31th August 2015 via this link.


We are very honored to announce our newest partnership with Yulu Wang and the China Television Artist Association Professional Council of 3-D. To celebreate this new collaboration BEYOND will present a special "Silk Road" program. For more information click here.


Consistent with this year's BEYOND festival, our new T-Shirts just arrived and are available from now on. If you are interested in purchasing one, please feel free to contact us, under

The Art of 3D

Experts in 3D topics are speaking at this year's symposium/workshop in Shanghai, with the key topis of the interdisciplinary exploration of new aesthetic possibilities. Interested? Click here to find out more.


Again we are looking for new and creative films for this year's BEYOND film festival, which will deligth us! Please click here to submit with your very own film for the festival. Apply until 30. July 2015. 


This year BEYOND is honored to work together again with our partner the Schauburg. From October 15th until the 18th BEYOND is presenting "The Dynamic Screen". A filmfestival which will celebrate our 5th anniversary. Stay tuned for more infomartion coming soon.