Bad Timing

Film by Gülsel Özkan with Alena Pfanz, Alexander Kreuzer, Marita Marschall, Pius Schmitt, Saskia Kovacs and Syra Feiser

Jack wants to spice things up in his relatively new relationship and therefore surprises his girlfriend Moni with a spontaneous trip to Sommerberg, a hotel that has been abandoned for years. The panoramic view of the Schwarzwald and the top location of the hotel impress Moni, but the the thought of breaking and entering makes her uncomfortable.
Meanwhile, eleven-year-old Alice is playing hide-and-seek with her friend Ines.

Too many different desires, too many different people and all of them at the same deserted place. An unfortunate coincidence in the hallways of the hotel not only changes the current situation, it leaves lifelong scars on all people involved.

Story: Lukas Hager
Cinematography: Thomas Gottschalk
Scenography: Yvette Pistor
Editing: Vanessa Berghof
Stereoscop: Michael Laakmann
Sound Design: Markus Löhr 
Musikkomposition: Zohar Bonnie
VFX: Malte Paetsch
Finishing Sven Heck

With Alena Pfanz, Alexander Kreuzer, Syra Feiser

Duration: 15min.



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