Ooops! Die Arche ist weg...


Young Finny and Leah miss the launch of the gigantic ship by accident and remain alone. Ark gone – parents gone – flood’s there! Trying to follow the ark, both kids embark on a heroic journey with funny and exciting adventures, which can only be passed by helping each other through courage and skills. Meanwhile on the ark, the kids’ parents attempt to arrange a turning maneuver to rescue their children. A tumultuous odyssey begins that makes “Ooops! Die Arche ist weg...” to one of the funniest Flood-adventures of all times.

Feature film, GER/ LUX/ BEL/ IRL, 2014


Direction: Toby Genkel

Production: Emely Christians (Ulysses Filmproduktion), Moe Honan (Moetion Films)

Duration: 86:00 Min


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