Souviens-moi (Forget-me-not)

Short description:

Thomas, in his thirties, returns to his childhood home for a strange head to head…
The film explores themes of memory and perception by combining new relief techniques for both sound and image.

About the director:

The director Joséphine Derobe is an award-winning filmmaker and 3D stereographer currently based in Paris, France. She learnt Stereography alongside her father, Alain Derobe, world renowned in the domain and inventor of the “Natural Depth” method. She has worked on 3D feature films, short films and commercials as a Stereographer.

Today, Joséphine Derobe, like her father before, is one of the best specialist for 3D worldwide. Indeed, this summer, she is stereographer for the Wim Wenders’s new 3D movie in Canada.

As regards Festivals, "FORGET-ME-NOT" have already won the first prize for the BE Festival in New York in April and got a special mention of the jury of DIMENSION 3 in Paris in June.

3D HD short film
written and directed by Joséphine Derobe
category : fiction, 15 minutes, color, live action



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