Das Bluemchen

Direction, Story: Heng Tang Cinematography: Martin Morlock

Yue is a Chinese woman who goes on a journey to find her father. He left China in the 90s to go to Germany. Yue was seven-years-old then, now she is 27. All she has from her father are fragmented memories and a postcard with the address of a hotel.

There are two mainlines in the short film: the memories in China in the 90s, told subjectively through the eyes of the young heroine, and the events at the hotel in the present, distinguished through a more objective, sober narration. Both storylines intertwine and come together in the end. The story is told in a very emotional way: searching and finding, meeting and separating. The emphasis lies on the emotional power of the things that the protagonist has to go through.

Duration: 13:00 min



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