Not Eye

Direction and Writing: Lauren Moffatt   Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains (France), 2013

The camera is a mechanical eye we use to extend and duplicate our gaze. It teaches us to see through the eyes of others. Through its recordings we see ourselves from the outside and learn to see ourselves objectively. Sometimes the gaze of the camera seems more powerful than that of our own eyes. What can we do if there are too many views, too many gazes? How can we find one single unified identity?

In this short film we meet a woman who is tormented by this violence of being seen and decides to turn it back upon itself. She builds a mask with cameras inside to replace her eyes. She films everything she sees and hides her true identity in public. She reveals her story during an interview with a mysterious man, thus inviting the viewer to consider the power relationship between the human eye and its mechanical counterpart.


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