Time schedule

Information: All events take place in the Schauburg, unless otherwise stated.

From now on you can download the official BEYOND filmfestival program here.

Please find the time schedule for the films as well as the side events below. 

Wednesday October 14, 2015, "BEYOND 3D"

7 p.m.: Opening Ceremony, "D-Day: Normandy 1944" simultaneously 3D Guild with Sylvain Grain
9 p.m.: 3D Guild Party

Thursday October 15, 2015, "Silk Road Day"

11.30 a.m.: "Tarzan 3Dsimultaneously "Future Design" with Ludger Pfanz, Douglas Pritchard and Ondrej Caki
1.30 p.m.: "Wonderful World 3D
3.45 p.m.: "Silk Road Program", Presentation of 3D-Innovations from China
6 p.m.: International Premiere of "The Kurds' Moon Landingsimultaneously Short Film Competition Block A
7.15 p.m.: International Premiere of "40 Below and Falling 3Dsimultaneously Short Film Competition Block B
9 p.m.: "The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet" simultaneously "Titanic 3D"

Friday October 16, 2015, "BEYOND Competition"

11 a.m.: "Blauer Ozean - Grüne Ostsee 3Dsimultaneously Exhibition: "Only Living Rooms
12 p.m.: Classics - The Three Stooges: "Pardon My Backfire" and "Spooks!
1 p.m.: "Miss Sadie Thompson
1.30 p.m.: "Enchanted Kingdom"
3.15 p.m.: "Play 3D"
4.30 p.m.: "Inside the Great War 3D
6.15 p.m.: Short Film Competition Block A simultaneously "Wonderful World 3D
8.30 p.m.: Short Film Competition Block B simultaneously "Inside Out
10.30 p.m.: "Everest" simultaneously "40 Below and Falling 3D"

Saturday October 17, 2015, "BEYOND Best Of"

10 a.m.: Guided Tour "Globale" in ZKM simultaneously "Inside Out"
11.45 a.m.: "Pina
1.30 p.m.: Best of BEYOND 
2.30 p.m.: Panel Discussion 3D 
4 p.m.: "Every Thing Will Be Fine" simultaneously "Everest"
7 p.m.: BEYOND Evening Event at University of Music Karlsruhe 
               Opening Address by Ludger Pfanz
               Disposition of the BEYOND Awards 
               Installations: "The uncanny valley & MUTation" by Alexander Stublic, Thomas A. Troge and students

Sunday October 18, 2015, "BEYOND the screen"

11 a.m.: "Tuurngait"
11.10 a.m.: "Ooops! Die Arche ist weg..."
1 p.m.: "Poppea//Poppea
1.30 p.m.: "Enchanted Kingdom"
3 p.m.: Made in Karlsruhe - Film Screening and Panel Discussion 
6 p.m.: "Goodbye to Language" with Centre Culturel Franco-Allemand    
7 p.m.: "The Martian


Competition Program Short Films

Block A

"Twelve Tales Told"
"Lapse of Time"

"The Story of Josephine's Well"
"Floating Souls"
"Make Believe"
"Hsu Ji behind the screen"

Block B

"Back Track"
"Gloria Victoria"
"Shvabe - Lighthouse"
"The Black Drummer Who Smiles"
"London Timescapes 3D"
"HANOI - In the River of Life"
"Irons in the Fire"


Silk Road Program

"Qikou Town"
"The Power of Sun"
"The Travel of Rice"
"Wu Town"
"The Taste of Chengdu"


Best of BEYOND

"Bad Timing"
"Not Eye"
"Elysian Fields"




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